Straight after the genocide
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Straight after the genocide


What was it like to be living in Rwanda straight after the genocide?


What was it like to be living in Rwanda straight after the genocide?

The conditions in Rwanda in the immediate aftermath of the genocide give insights into the realities for survivors, aid workers and returning refugees. The first hand accounts in the short films are, at times, graphic. Violent details are recounted in a very matter-of-fact way. That in itself is a glimpse into how some of the survivors are dealing with the memories.
We hope that students begin to understand the challenges in trying to “help” after events like this: the importance of listening, and doing your best to understand the needs, before launching into action.

To engage students, through short films, with the conditions faced by a range of people who came to Rwanda shortly after the genocide.
To give students a brief glimpse of the “mind damage” done to both survivors and perpetrators.
To introduce the psycho-social elements of recovery and their links with the practical aspects of justice, reconciliation and the re-building of community and country.

There are two PDFs included with this lesson:-
A two-page lesson plan covering the key questions, aims, resources needed and a detailed outline of the suggested method and activities.
A set of presentation slides for class discussion.