• Rwandan dance gallery

    “There’s a lot of demand for them to perform at weddings and other public ceremonies so I think they’re well preserved. But if you talk to the younger generation, everyone wants to learn salsa or hip-hop.”

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  • Tourism: Akagera National Park

    TOOK A ONE DAY BREAK in the beautiful Akagera National Park. Rusizi Tented Camp was officially opened on March 26 this year, and is a huge leap for Rwandan tourism in the area. Couldn’t recommend it more highly: dinner by firelight on a deck at the edge of Lake Ihema with monkeys, birds and hippos shrieking, grunting and puffing all around.

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  • Ikobe Musik Group

    Let yourself go to a world beyond hipster irony or the fastest-ever double-kick Mexican death-core… to the intricate, melodic crossroads between tradition and modernity.

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  • LoveRadio: episodes of love and hate

    I’m looking forward to following this beautifully presented story over the next three months… Love Radio is a trans-media web documentary which explores the thin line between fact and fiction. Using film, photography, audio, text and archive material, it tells the story of the popular radio soap Musekeweya (New Dawn). Musekeweya was launched in 2004 by the Dutch NGO Radio La Benevolencija. The soap applied

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  • Akagera National Park wildlife

    THE FRESHWATER LAKES, rivers and papyrus swamps of Akagera National Park form the largest protected wetlands in central Africa. Located in north-eastern Rwanda, along the border with Tanzania, the park is named after the Akagera River which feeds a network of lakes within the park – the largest being Lake Ihema. Since 1994, a number of local and international organisations

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  • Rwanda growth surpasses China

    Rwanda’s total production or gross domestic product (GDP) has hit an all time high – topping more than $8.7 billion as of the first quarter of 2013, from just $5.5 billion in 2010, according latest data from the Institute of Statistics. GDP expanded to Rwf 5.4 trillion ($8.7bn) in Q1 by adding some Rwf 1.2 trillion worthy of production to

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  • On the DR Congo border

    After a beautiful twisting drive from Kigali, over the ranges which form the watershed between all rivers which flow west to Congo and the others which flow east to become part of the Nile, we arrived in Kibuye.

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