About us

Vanishing Point is a small social enterprise working in mainstream education.

We exist to equip teachers to provide great learning experiences.


  • to provide them with a potentially transformative encounter with an ‘out-there’ story.
  • to challenge them to broaden their perspectives.
  • to go some way towards helping them build a healthy resilience.
  • to encourage cross-cultural understanding, respect and communication.
  • to equip them to take the lead in driving change in a multi-cultural society.

Vanishing Point and RwandanStories

RwandanStories.org explores the history of Rwanda’s genocide and recovery. Our education resources are published under the name ‘Vanishing Point’. Having a well-used website about a serious topic like genocide can be misleading. I often get emails from people who assume that there’s a team of professionals doing important-sounding things, perhaps with offices in Washington or Brussels. So some explanation is needed…

The RwandanStories global HQ is a spare bedroom in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, equipped with an iMac, a couple of cameras and a well-used map of East Africa on the wall. We have personal connections with Rwanda but we also have ‘day-jobs’ – Rwanda is a part-time love affair. We think there can be real benefits to that. There’s an opportunity to provide better insights by being more closely connected to the people involved. There’s also the freedom to inject a personal character or to uncover stories which journalists may not have the time or access to find.

“All lives have value, and everyone’s life is worth exploring”