Best of RwandanStories on USB
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Best of RwandanStories on USB


The USB contains the highlights of the RwandanStories curriculum: eight key lessons with ten matching films.
It also includes two new sets of overhead slides to ‘top and tail’ the unit: an introduction to the physical and human geography of Rwanda and a ‘wrap-up’ look at Rwanda in the 21st century – technology, education, health and culture. It also gives students a “what are they doing now?” update on some of the key characters in the films.

As usual, all lessons come with a detailed lesson plan and most include beautifully formatted sets of presentation slides and handout sheets ready for printing or photocopying.



1. SLIDES: an introduction to Rwanda (physical and human geography)
2. A genocide story
3. How did it happen?
4. Dangerous situations
5. The construction of hatred
6. How to begin building a future
7. Gacaca: restorative justice in action
8. Compensation and reconciliation
9. The social effects of war
10. SLIDES: Rwanda in the 21st century

1. A short history of Rwanda
2. Hutu or Tutsi
3. In the marshes
4. The Ntarama church massacre
5. Aftermath of genocide
6. An experiment in justice
7. Gacaca: soft justice?
8. Let’s talk about what happened
9. Making amends for murder
10. Building peace

We usually post the USB within 24 hours.

If you have good internet access, these resources are also available for immediate download. Total download size 630MB.