Terms and conditions

By selecting the Terms and Conditions check-box on the Checkout page you are confirming that you have read, understand and accept the following:-


All the content is Copyright © Vanishing Point 2015. You agree to uphold the moral, legal and intellectual property rights of the authors as copyright owners.
You are free to copy these files onto your own computer for personal, non-commercial educational use.
You are free to display and print out the material for non-commercial educational use, provided you retain all acknowledgements included with the material.
You may NOT copy the resources, including the films, onto any shared network drives.
You may NOT pass them on or make them available to other people.


We understand that the management of digital resources in a school can be complex and restrictive. We’ve tried to make it as simple as possible for you.


When you buy a site licence we will customise copies of the Rwanda Dreaming Education Edition (in both ePub3 and interactive PDF formats) for your school and provide you with a download link, usually within 48 hours. The name of your educational institution and the date of purchase will be embedded in the files.
You are free to copy the file to your school servers, and to school-managed computers and tablets. Where there is a BYOD program (Bring Your Own Device) you are free to provide a copy of the ebook to students for installation on those devices, up to the number of students covered by your licence.
The site licence covers a single campus or physical location. If you want to use the resources at multiple geographic locations, you’ll need to buy one licence for each location.


– that you have selected the appropriate site licence for the number of students who will be using the ebook during the period of the licence agreement.
– that you will uphold the moral, legal and intellectual property rights of the authors as copyright owner.


This site licence is a subscription which allows you to use and retain the materials for a period of twelve months.
Regardless of when you buy a site licence, we will adjust the renewal date to suit your school year. When it comes time to renew your licence you will be credited with any un-used portion. (For example, if you sign up in July but would like your subscription to renew in January in line with your school year, the cost of renewing in January for 12 months would be 50% of the normal annual licence fee).


We’ll contact you about a month before the licence renewal is due. If you don’t want to renew, send us an email or letter cancelling the subscription. We’ll also require signed confirmation from an appropriate person (for example an IT manager, librarian or head of curriculum) which says that all copies of the ebook will be deleted from the school servers and school-managed computers and tablets within 14 days of the expiry of the licence period.
If you don’t want to renew the licence, you must let us know no later than 30 days after the expiry of the licence. If a cancellation is not received within that time, the annual renewal subscription becomes payable.


Copyright information is provided in the image captions. Some images belong to other people, and have been used with permission. You can’t re-use those in any form. Other graphics, and images attributed to the author (© David Fullerton) can be re-used and modified within the context of student and class work. If you would like to use any material in a wider context, please contact the author for permission.


We reserve the right to cancel a licence if any of these terms and conditions are not complied with.

‘RWANDA DREAMING’ E-BOOK single copies

All the content is Copyright © David Fullerton 2015. You agree to uphold the moral, legal and intellectual property rights of the author as copyright owner.
You are free to copy the file onto your own computer or handheld device and share it within your immediate family for personal use.
You may NOT copy it onto any shared network drive.
You may NOT pass it on or make it available to other people beyond your immediate family.
For the purposes of these terms and conditions, ‘immediate family’ means a partner, children, parents, brothers and sisters.



If there are updates to the Encounters with Conflict and Peace lesson resources we will make them available to you free of charge.
The Rwanda Dreaming e-book is in epub3 format (fixed layout). E-books are still an emerging technology. The compatibility of various features across the many different versions of e-book readers (software and hardware) varies with time. We will keep you up to date with the latest version of the ebook (including content updates and bug fixes) during the period of your licence.


We may contact you occasionally about your account or with news about product updates or new releases. We won’t send spam and won’t share your contact details with anyone else.


If you have any questions about these terms and conditions please contact Dave Fullerton: [email protected]