How to begin building a future
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How to begin building a future


What was Rwanda like, straight after the genocide? What would YOU try to fix first?

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What was Rwanda like, straight after the genocide? What would YOU try to fix first?

The overall aim of these activities is to engage students with the concept of rebuilding after conflict. Rwanda has made remarkable progress in tackling corruption, security for the population, health and economic development.
The rebuilding of Rwanda’s infrastructure was of course only one of the monumental challenges they faced. Dealing with the human cost was concurrent with horrific logistical challenges. The fact that one of the world’s poorest nations has managed this to the extent it has, is one of the social, political and ethical wonders of the late 20th Century.

To inform students about the practical difficulties created by widespread violence in a society.
To have students struggle with the decision-making involved in choosing a way forward.
To build their knowledge about the role of the Western nations and international institutions in Rwanda immediately after the genocide.

There are three PDFs included with this lesson:-
A two-page lesson plan covering the key questions, aims, resources needed and a detailed outline of the suggested method and activities.
A set of handouts ready for printing.
A set of presentation slides for class discussion and activities.