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  • Jan202014

    Akagera National Park wildlife

    THE FRESHWATER LAKES, rivers and papyrus swamps of Akagera National Park form the largest protected wetlands in central Africa. Located…

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  • Jan152014

    Rwandan dance gallery

    “There’s a lot of demand for them to perform at weddings and other public ceremonies so I think they’re well preserved. But if you talk to the younger generation, everyone wants to learn salsa or hip-hop.”

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  • Apr212013

    On the DR Congo border

    After a beautiful twisting drive from Kigali, over the ranges which form the watershed between all rivers which flow west to Congo and the others which flow east to become part of the Nile, we arrived in Kibuye.

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  • Apr162013

    Road rage in Rwanda

    WE”VE BEEN DRIVING OURSELVES in Rwanda for about a week now. There are definitely some challenges: driving on the right, the…

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  • Apr112013

    Tourism: Akagera National Park

    TOOK A ONE DAY BREAK in the beautiful Akagera National Park. Rusizi Tented Camp was officially opened on March 26 this…

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  • Apr092013

    Filming the media

    WHAT DO YOU THINK OF RWANDA? What message do you have for Rwandans on this 19th anniversary of the genocide?…

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  • Mar312013

    “They should still be here”

    The Irish writer and journalist Fergal Keane, who travelled through Rwanda as the genocide was ending said, “this is not a subject for fine words.” Yet the memorials, selected writings and simple descriptions by Rwandans are both beautiful and intensely moving.

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  • Mar292013

    First impressions

    WELL IT’S GOOD FRIDAY and we’ve just finished breakfast. It’s pretty packed at the Good News Guesthouse this morning. There’s a…

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  • Mar172013

    First female commercial pilot

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  • Mar172013

    What’s the weather like in Rwanda?

    RWANDA IS JUST SOUTH OF THE EQUATOR and its relatively high altitude (most of it is well over 1500 meters) means…

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