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  • Apr042014

    LoveRadio: episodes of love and hate

    I’m looking forward to following this beautifully presented story over the next three months… Love Radio is a trans-media web documentary…

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  • Jun092013

    Rwanda National Police: helping build community

    Rwandans seem to really love their police force. One of the things I noticed while we were there in April…

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  • May072013

    Reconciliation in Rwanda today

    Phil Clark is Lecturer in Comparative and International Politics at the University of London. He is a political scientist specialising…

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  • Apr162013

    Kids and cameras

    Making myself redundant at Ntenyo school, south of Gitarama.

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  • Apr162013

    Road rage in Rwanda

    WE”VE BEEN DRIVING OURSELVES in Rwanda for about a week now. There are definitely some challenges: driving on the right, the…

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  • Apr092013

    Filming the media

    WHAT DO YOU THINK OF RWANDA? What message do you have for Rwandans on this 19th anniversary of the genocide?…

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  • Mar312013

    Umuganda: community work day

    Well, this morning we did our first lot of filming. So pleased! We were delighted to find out yesterday that…

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  • Mar292013

    First impressions

    WELL IT’S GOOD FRIDAY and we’ve just finished breakfast. It’s pretty packed at the Good News Guesthouse this morning. There’s a…

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  • Mar172013

    What’s the weather like in Rwanda?

    RWANDA IS JUST SOUTH OF THE EQUATOR and its relatively high altitude (most of it is well over 1500 meters) means…

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