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  • Jun182015

    Ideologies and illusions

    In his superb but harrowing book, A time for machetes. The Rwandan genocide: the killers speak, Jean Hatzfeld records an interview…

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  • Apr032014

    What is Kwibuka?

    In kinyarwanda, Kwibuka means ‘remember’. It describes the annual commemoration of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. Kwibuka20 is a series of…

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  • Jan102014

    Teacher resources: conflict and peace

    The personal encounters with survivors and perpetrators challenge students to think through the ideas and actions which lead to conflict – or build peace. They also hold out the possibilities for recovery, unity and hope.

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  • Jun092013

    Rwanda National Police: helping build community

    Rwandans seem to really love their police force. One of the things I noticed while we were there in April…

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  • May172013

    Democracy in Rwanda today

    The question of democracy in Rwanda is a really difficult one. “The first reason it’s a difficult question is that…

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  • May072013

    Reconciliation in Rwanda today

    Phil Clark is Lecturer in Comparative and International Politics at the University of London. He is a political scientist specialising…

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  • Apr182013

    President’s speech, April 7, 2013

    “Fellow Rwandans, today we mark the 19th commemoration of the genocide against the Tutsi in 1994 in which more than…

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  • Apr132013

    Survivors and perpetrators

    YESTERDAY WE SPENT SEVERAL HOURS FILMING with Ukuri Kuganze, a group of genocide perpetrators and survivors. They actively share their stories and…

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  • Apr082013

    April 7: the 19th commemoration

    SO, IT’S APRIL 7 – genocide commemoration day. Nineteen years today since 100 days of intense killing began. The general mood…

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  • Apr082013

    April 7th candlelight vigil, Amohoro stadium, Kigali

    I wasn’t up for explaining this event last night. It began with a Walk to Remember from Parliament House to the stadium.…

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