Ardyn Halter: stained glass

Ardyn Halter: stained glass
March 12, 2013 Dave Fullerton

ONE OF TWO STAINED GLASS WINDOWS in Gisozi Genocide Memorial Centre, Kigali. Both are by Israeli artist Ardyn Halter.

His notes for this first one, Descent into Genocide, say, “It concerns the period leading up to the genocide where there was no effort to intervene or prevent what was about to occur. [It] shows a staircase and all the movement in semi-abstracted swirling forms of machetes leads down towards deep, brooding colours and skulls at the base.

The dead are not shown as Tutsi or Hutus but only as broken skulls. The staircase is blocked near the top. The sky also pulls down in vertical lines. The window is dark and sobering.”

Size of window: 3.0 x 2.7 metres (9’8″ x 8’8″)